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We are more than device scientists, we are more than device architects... as we draw our passion from redefining conventional wisdom of what devices can do.

We are a place of discovery, we are leaders, we are serial entrepreneurs, and we educate the next generation of scientists and engineers.

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End of summer NDL dinner at The Eagle

8 September 2023

2021 NDL retreat at Red River Gorge (Bad photo angle, but beautiful sunset and cool people)

20 October 2021

First Post-pandemic NDL Happy-hour  

28 May 2021

Our Research Aims

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Wearable Biosensing

Leading role in the advancement of wearable biosensing technology, and in understanding the fundamental physiology of insterstitial fluid, sweat, saliva, and tears.  As a result, technologists are now better-informed on what analytes are worthy to pursue, and on how the human body may ultimately impact technology design more than the rapid advance of technology itself.

Electrowetting Technology

Leading role in applied electrowetting devices, and in the development of reliable electrowetting materials systems.  Most recently, our work has included electrofluidics, which combines microfluidic confinement and Laplace pressure with electrowetting.  

Display Technology

Leading role in electronic-paper technology (reflective displays). We are also one of very few research groups to have contributed to the science and technology of nearly all types of displays (transmissive, emissive, 3D, reflective, projection, transparent, flexible, nature/biological).